.biz.vn Domain General FAQ

What name can I register?

Principles of registration and usage of national domain name ".vn"

It is strictly prohibited to use the domain name for purposes of opposing the State of Vietnam, disturbing security, economy, social order and safety, undermining the nation's fine tradition and custom, infringing upon the legitimate rights and interests of organizations and individuals and illegally obstructing the operations of the national domain name system (DNS).

1. Domain name ".vn" is not an object of the Law on Intellectual Property If a characters string which is the same to mark, brand name, product name, service name, copyright compounded as a part of domain name structure is only registered for protection online shall not be protected in fact and vice versa.
2. A domain name which is self-selected by organization or individual must not contain words infringing upon national interests or against social ethics, nation's fine tradition and custom; must prove serious manner in order to avoid misunderstanding or confusing similarity due to the nature of Vietnamese language that leads to polysyllabic and poly-semantic words or words missing special accents.
3. Organization or individual having second level domain name under ".vn" is allowed to issue 3rd level domain names under the second level domain name within its internal organizational structure for non-commercial purposes only, and take responsibility for the management of those domain names. It is prohibited to issue 3rd level domain name under the second level domain name to other individual or organization.
4. Only accredited registrar of ".vn" can issue 3rd level domain name under 2nd level domain name to other organizations, individuals.
Responsibilities of Organization, Individual in registering and using domain name:
1. Organization, individual using domain name must take full legal responsibility for the purpose of use and accuracy of the registration information provided, ensuring the registration, usage of the domain name in compliance with current regulations, not to infringe upon legitimate rights and interests of other organization and individual.
2. Organization, individual using domain name must take responsibility for the maintenance, management of the domain name and take responsibility for any infringement of regulations due to inadequate management of the domain name.
1. Registrar of ".vn" is an organization selected and accredited by VNNIC to provide maintenance and registration services of ".vn" on contract basis according to the following principles:
a) To be a Vietnamese or foreign organization having legal person according to applicable laws.
b) To have adequate capacity of finance, technique, personnel, network, management system to provide maintenance, registration services of .vn with respect to the scope of operation, according to requests.
c) To pledge to comply with Laws and regulations on management and usage of Internet resources and electronic information on Internet.
2. Responsibilities of ".vn" registrar
a) To comply with laws and regulations on telecommunications, Internet and other relating regulations and terms, conditions stipulated in the contract with VNNIC.
b) To fulfill registration of domain name, to ensure maintenance, safety, security of all domain names registered on its domain name systems (DNS)
c) To provide full registration information of domain name registrant at the request of competent agency and VNNIC, including: name, address, telephone, ID number or Passport Number for individual.
d) Domestic registrars must use Primary DNS attached with a ".vn" domain name to provide DNS service to the registrant who demand to use DNS service provided by the registrar.
d) Domestic registrars are allowed to receive registration from both inside and outside of Vietnam. Provision of registration services to other countries must comply with Vietnamese laws and respectively local laws.
e) Oversea registrars are allowed to receive registration from both inside and outside of Vietnam. Only oversea registrar that has official representative agency in Vietnam can provide registration services to organization and individuals in Vietnam and must comply with Vietnamese laws.
f) All registrars are not allowed to register domain name as speculation in any form; not allowed to deter any registrant from registering domain name lawfully.
g) After the termination of agreement with a registrar, registrant is allowed to change to one of other registrars of VNNIC. Losing registrar must accept the requirement of changing registrar and not to deter registrant from changing registrar.
h) To cooperate with cpr144449003101 VNNIC and competent agencies of Vietnam to deal with issues relating to ".vn" domain name.
i) To make regular report to VNNIC or other unscheduled report according to VNNIC's requirement and guidance.
k) To end or stop to provide supplying services at the request by state competent agency.
l) To build and announce forms, process and procedures of domain name registration.

Returning, Suspending, Withdrawing [.EXTENSION]domain name.

1. Returning domain name:
When there is no longer need of using a domain name, organization, individual will send a written letter about returning of the domain name to respective registrar. All overdue domain names will be considered as no longer needs and needed to be returned.
2. Suspending a domain name will occur in one of the following cases:
a) In case of violation: According to the requirement of a competent agency or upon infringement of this Regulation, suspension of the domain name shall be carried out immediately.
b) In case of failure of paying due fees before expiry date: Registrar shall give notice of or suspend a domain name within maximum 30 days before the expiry date of that domain name.
c) A second level domain name issued to organization, individual will be suspended if a third level domain name under that second level domain name is requested to be suspended at the order of a competent agency but not yet to be done accordingly, or third level domain name under the second level domain name has been issued in violation of current regulations.
3. Withdraw the domain name in case violation of regulations:
a) At the request by competent agency or by the result of domain name dispute resolution in compliance with current regulations.
b) In case of violation of regulation on Internet resources management judged by a competent agency; registration information provided inaccurately; the domain name considered to be confusingly similar or same with the name of other State, Party agency.
c) A domain name used in violation with current regulations but that violation has not been cured.