.co.no Domain General FAQ

.co.no Domains Dispute & Policy

Procedures for resolving .CO.NO domain disputes can found here: domain.co.no/gb/adr.html

Domain name registrations can always be challenged in a regular court. In the meantime to allow a faster and smoother settlement of potential disputes, the Operator has appointed the Czech Arbitration Court as Dispute-Resolution Provider for domain names bearing the “.co.no” ending. An Uniform Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution is usually faster, often cheaper and more convenient than a traditional court case.

The Czech Arbitration Court’s rulings are legally binding, unless a losing party chooses to appeal the decision through a conventional court of law.

Process :

UDRP cases are unlike traditional cpr144449003101 court cases in several ways:

  • Rulings are made by panelists, not judges. Panelists are drawn from a group of intellectual property experts located throughout Europe.
  • Cases are conducted online. The correspondence between all parties occurs via CAC's online platform and email.
  • Cases are usually conducted in English
  • In order for a .CO.NO domain name to be transferred to a complainant as the result of an UDR, the complainant must be eligible for a .CO.NO name
Fore more information on the Czech Arbitration Court, please refer to their website. For more information about the domain name dispute resolution or to file a dispute about a .co.no domain, please refer to www.adr.eu.