.com.cm Domain General FAQ

What name can I register?

A number of terms can not be attributed as a domain name regardless of the area under consideration, including their transcription into national languages, without the list being exhaustive, including:

*names manifestly contrary to public order or morality;
*names associated with the operation of the Internet;
*names that express the racial and ethnic hatred.

It is the same for the terms of Cameroon, names, abbreviations and emblems of state institutions, the names of local authorities, regions and municipalities in Cameroon, the names of cpr144449003101 international organizations, the names associated with historical national cultural and which are reserved to their rightful owners. Given the changes, any domain name consisting of a prohibited term can undergo a right of first refusal or taken over by the ANTIC without compensation, together with sufficient time to ensure the migration and assistance Free technical if it was requested.