.com.ng Domain General FAQ

What name can I register?

4.8 For the SLDs com.ng, name.ng, org.ng, and net.ng, mobi.ng, a 3LD may not be identical to any existing SLD (as listed in Appendices A,to the Policy), or any SLD under .ng the creation of which has formally been announced by NIRA. For example, an application to register org.com.ng or name.com.ng would be rejected.
4.9 Irrespective of the above NIRA shall reserve the right to maintain the following list of domains that SHALL NOT be available for registration or will be withdrawn if registered already
• Offensive Names: This list shall contain words as determined by the NIRA board to be offensive first to the Nigerian community and then to the global community. ALL requests for domains under this list would be rejected.
• Restricted Names: This shall be a list of domains that may give a wrong impression if used. This could pertain to military, government or other related words. ALL applications for these domains would be rejected.
• Premium Names: These are domains with generic words ONLY but command premium value. These domains would be made available to registrants though a competitive bidding and auction process.
3.1 Certain Registrant Obligations.
Throughout the Term of this Agreement, the Registrant shall:
(a) comply with and abide by all applicable Registry PRP (all of the applicable Registry PRP can be found at http://www.nira.org.ng);
(b) in accordance with the applicable Registry PRP, submit to NIRA through the Registrant's Registrar or to NIRA directly, if NIRA, at its complete discretion and sole option, deems it appropriate, all Registration Information which NIRA may require;
(c) promptly give notice to NIRA, of any change to any Registration Information, such notice to be given either through the Registrant's Registrar or, in exceptional cases, to NIRA directly;
(d) in accordance with the applicable Registry PRP, submit to NIRA all Membership Information, pertaining to the Registrant, which NIRA may require;
(e) promptly give notice to NIRA of any change to the Membership Information pertaining to the Registrant;
(f) comply with and observe all international, federal, state and local laws and regulations and other laws of applicable governmental authorities relating to the Registrant's Domain Name Registration(s) ("Applicable Laws);
(g) prior to providing any Registration Information to NIRA through the Registrant's Registrar or directly to NIRA if permitted or requested by NIRA, obtain the written consents of individuals whose personal information will be held in the Registry where required by Applicable Laws;
(h) at all times ensure that the Registration Information is complete, accurate, and in compliance with the applicable Registry PRP and this Agreement, communicate to the Registrant's Registrar (for communication to NIRA) any changes to the Registration Information and promptly confirm to NIRA when NIRA so requests in accordance with the applicable Registry PRP that the Registration Information is complete and accurate; 7
(i) immediately give notice to NIRA of any pending or threatened claim, demand, action, cause of action, proceeding, lawsuit, investigation or application ("Claim) in relation to any cpr144449003101 Domain Name Registration (or any judicial requests or orders to produce documents or information obtained from or supplied to the Registry) that became known to the Registrant;
(j) not engage in any direct or indirect activity which in NIRA's opinion is designed to bring, or may bring, the Registry into disrepute, is designed to interfere, or may interfere, with NIRA's operations or designed to expose, or may expose, NIRA to prosecution or to legal action by the Registrant or a third party including, but not limited to, any of the following kinds of activities:
(i) directly or indirectly, defaming or contributing to the defamation of any other Person,
(ii) unlawfully discriminating or contributing to the unlawful discrimination of any other Person; or
(iii)committing any other actionable wrong against any other Person including, without limitation, any other infringement of the Person's rights;
(k) act in good faith towards NIRA;
(l) not allow any third party to use or operate any Domain Name Registration registered in the name of the Registrant and not register any Domain Name as agent for, or on behalf of, any third party in any manner whatsoever, including without limiting the generality of the foregoing, for purposes of lending, leasing, licensing or otherwise granting rights in such Domain Name Registration to any third party for monetary or non-monetary consideration unless such third party:
(i) otherwise qualifies under the applicable Registry PRP; or
(ii) is an Affiliate of the Registrant. For this purpose, "third party means any Person other than NIRA and the Registrant;
(m)be wholly responsible for the use and operation of any third, fourth, or further sub-level domain to any second level Domain Name Registration in the Registrant's name and the Registrant shall ensure that the use and operation of any such sublevel domain is conducted in compliance with this Agreement;
(n) not use any trade-mark, trade-name or symbol of NIRA or any trademark, trade-name or symbol likely to be confused therewith;
(o) be wholly responsible for taking, or ensuring that the Registrant's Registrar for a Domain Name Registration takes, all necessary steps to renew the Domain Name Registration in accordance with the applicable Registry PRP;
(p) ensure all fees payable to the Registrant's Registrar or, if applicable, the Registrant's former Registrar, for registering, transferring, renewing, or a combination thereof any or all of the Registrant's Domain Name Registrations, have been paid when due; and
(q) comply with and abide by the terms and conditions for the use of NIRA's website as set out in the "Legal notice on NIRA's website.