.guru Domain General FAQ

.guru General FAQ

All of us feel a little lost in life at times and need help to see the path of our lives again. Many professional services exist to help guide people back onto the path they want their life to take. If you are one of these Professional Advice Givers, the new .guru gTLD is for you!

**When sunrise is announced and pricing is published we will accept pre-orders for any phase including Paid Pre-order (General Availability), Sunrise and Landrush. **

Phase Details:

Paid cpr144449003101 Pre-Order: This is a pre-order for General Availability. At this time, you may choose to place a pre- order in this phase for your desired name if you do not qualify for Sunrise or do not want to order in Landrush. If the name isn’t already taken once General Availability comes around, we’ll try to register your name as soon as it becomes available.

Sunrise: This phase is for trademark holders only. To participate in Sunrise, trademark holders must validate with the Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH) first. There is an additional one-time application fee for this phase.

Landrush/Early Access Program: This phase allows you a greater chance to obtain a domain name prior to General Availability, typically for an increased fee. The fee generally varies depending on how early you want to register. Priority is either first-come, first-served or will go to an auction if there are multiple applicants, depending on registry rules. A common fee structure that will be in use is the Early Access Program (EAP). Further details on a specific extensions landrush phase can be found under the landrush section for that a particular domain.