.guru Domain General FAQ

Why should I buy a .guru domain name?

But the .guru domain is not just for them. Maybe you consider yourself a guru about computers, maybe you even run a business repairing them? A .guru domain can help show everyone that YOU are the expert. Maybe you consider yourself a guru about sports? A .guru page declares for everyone to see that you are the expert to go to when they need statistics or other information.

All of these people and more can benefit from a .guru domain. Last time anything like this happened, most people didn't even know what the internet was, and a lot of people missed out on that perfect .com domain that would cpr144449003101 have completed their website. Don't be left wishing again. With the new .guru domain, you have a second chance to grab that domain that perfectly encapsulates who you are. Get yours today and tell everyone that you are THE guru!