.om Domain General FAQ

What name can I register?

Reasons for OMnic to reject domain name applications, other than format, may include:
  • Incomplete entries in the application form,
  • Lack of proper documents,
  • Applicant has no legal right to the requested Domain name,
  • Domain names which are identical with an already registered domain name, or
  • Domain names which are not identical with Omani traditional community.
  • Generic names (e.g., www, internet) and famous people will not be registered cpr144449003101 under any domain unless for authorized entities those officially represent the corresponding names.
  • Family names will not be registered under any of second level domains.
  • Domain names must not contain obscene words.
  • If the domain name violates the Omani traditional community, OMnic then will revoke that domain immediately.
  • OMnic reserves the right to reject any domain name to be registered as it deems necessary.