.tt Domain General FAQ

.tt General FAQ

.TO is the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Trinidad and Tobago, a republic archipelagic state in the southern Caribbean Sea. The Trinidad and Tobagan domain name registry is operated by Trinidad and Tobago Network Information Centre (TTNIC). All Trinidad and Tobagan domain names are registered via them. Registrations are taken at the cpr144449003101 second level, as well as the third level registrations beneath the names .co.tt, .com.tt, .org.tt, .net.tt, .biz.tt, .info.tt, .pro.tt, and .name.tt (which are unrestricted), and three restricted domains, .mil.tt (for the Military of Trinidad and Tobago), .edu.tt (for educational institutions in Trinidad and Tobago) and .gov.tt (for agencies of the government of Trinidad and Tobago).