.co.fk Email Services

9.99 USD Per 1 Year
for Unlimited Mailboxes


Plesk Email Features

Available as webmail, POP3 or IMAP

RWGUSA.NET Plesk Email Service

  • Message filtering
  • Message searching
  • HTML message composition with WYSIWIG editor
  • Built in attachment viewers
  • Keyboard navigation
  • Full character set support for folders names and email messages
  • Conversation view of all messages in a thread
  • Folder tree in left menu pane
  • Message previews in mailbox view
  • Downloading of message attachments in a ZIP file
  • IMAP folder subscriptions
  • Shared IMAP folders
  • Forwarding of multiple messages at once
  • Attachments sent as links

Terms of Service and Other Information

Spam & Virus Protection

RWGUSA.NET's Email Services include spam and virus protection scanning services for both incoming and outgoing email messages and attachments. All email sent from or to your email addresses will automatically be scanned to assist in preventing spam and/or viruses from being transmitted to or from your email accounts, email clients, and/or computer systems.

If you receive a "limit exceeded" message when trying to send a message, and you know that you have not exceeded your plan limits, please contact support immediately, as you may be a victim of a virus or bot that has taken over your email account.

Falkland Islands Domain .co.fk Email Services

Plesk Email Features

RWGUSA.NET & Plesk Panel 11 combines powerful functionality with an easy-to-use interface. Our customers are going to be amazed by how quickly they can create and manage professional looking Web sites. When setting up your first email account, it's easy to be confused by the different account types available. What's the difference between POP3 and IMAP? Which service is best for getting email on my phone? What desktop software do I need?

Webmail Falkland Islands .co.fk Email Services

Access your email via a web browser. Logging into your email account using our web portal provides all the basic email tasks (read, send, file into folders). Microsoft Exchange customers can use Outlook Web Access, which provides a desktop-like experience with advanced options. Such as create calendar events, manage to-do lists and update the contacts list.

POP3 Falkland Islands .co.fk Email Services

Email messages are downloaded to your email app, and then deleted from the server. POP3 is the simplest way to access your email using a traditional email client, however it cannot sync messages across multiple apps or the web (so if you read an email on your PC the message will not appear on a mobile).

IMAP Falkland Islands .co.fk Email Services

Compatible with most email apps, messages are stored on the mail server and copies are available on all email clients. Email is kept in sync between apps (so a read email on your PC also appears, and shows as read, on a mobile). Calendars, contacts and to-do lists are not synced across devices.

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Falkland Islands Domain - .co.fk Domain Registration

.co.fk Email

Don't forget about email when you buy your Falklands domain! RWGUSA.NET makes it easy to bundle everything you will need to get your Falkland Islands .co.fk website up and running. Take advantage of our convenient domain dashboard and manage all of your Falkland Islands .co.fk domains and services in one location.

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